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Bradford-Matters-logoBradford Matters is a culturally diverse networking and lobbing group made up of influential individuals and organisations who care deeply about Bradford and its development.

It is a non-political and no-profit driven group, that is committed to making Bradford a truly cosmopolitan and economically successful city.

Sir James Hill

Sir James Hill

Bradford Matters was formed on 1st March 2011and is chaired by Sir James Hill, a passionate Bradfordian, and includes people from the public, private and voluntary sectors. Individuals and organisations that make up the membership of Bradford Matters were invited to join based on their deep interest and commitment to serving Bradford through various programmes, activities and businesses. Bradford Matters has an exceptionally good cross-section of highly successful and experienced people from the diverse communities and institutions of Bradford.

Bradford, our city, matters to all of us, and we badly need the leaders of its various organisations and institutions to work together collaboratively for the greater good of our citizens. In the absence of collaborative working opportunities are missed, resources are wasted and problems just build up. As an important Networking/Lobbying Group, Bradford Matters will aim to act as a bridge between the Leadership of Bradford and the diverse Communities living within the district so that there is a good exchange of ideas that will drive growth, regeneration and social/cultural integration.



Dr Mohammed Iqbal-Vice Chair
Bradford Matters
Mobile:  07533061357

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